Thursday, 22 December 2011

Rare People of the World

I Beleive these data collected few year ago!!

Haida- population 3,500

The Haida were widely renowned for their canoes. They belong to one of two clans- eagle or raven.

Makah- population 1,214

The Makah live in Washington. Their name for themselves is Kwih-dich-chuh-ahtx, which means "the people who live by the rocks and seagulls".

Hopi- population 6,946

For more then 800 years the Hopi have lived at the southern end of Arizona’s Black Mesa. Today, their reservation is entirely surrounded by the Navajo.

Carib- population 3,000

Mistakenly believed to be cannibals (their name is actually the origin of the English word cannibal) the Caribs today live in Dominica.

Tucano- population 4,500

The name Tucano covers a number of different tribes and language speakers as they believe marrying “within a language” is incestuous.

Bororo- population 700

Also a Brazilian tribe, the Bororo villages are arranged in a circle with half the women and children on one side, half on the other. Men spend most of their lives in the men’s house in the centre of the village.

Kayapo- population 7,096

A tough people who live in the southern parts of the Amazon Basin. The Kayapo have trade agreements with The Body Shop.

Karo- population 500

The Karo are an agricultural people from the Omo Valley in Ethiopia. They still live in grass huts clustered on the eastern bank of the Omo River.

Hadza- population 1,000

Only 300- 400 of the Hadza people of northern Tanzania still live as nomadic hunter-gatherers like their ancestors

Kalash- population 6,000

A tribe from Chitral, in north western Pakistan, half of whom still practice the ancient animist religion.

Jarawa- population 250- 350

Little is known of these people of the Andaman Islands as they shun contact with outsiders. In 2002 the Indian Supreme Court ordered the closure of a trunk road through their reserve and banned poaching and logging in their area.

Veddha- population 380

They are the native people of Sri Lanka and incredibly proud of their hunter-gatherer heritage. They call themselves wanniya-laeto, meaning forest dwellers.

Semang- population 2,500

The Semang are the oldest of the native peoples of Thailand and the Malay peninsula. They are under increasing pressure to give up the hunter-gatherer lifestyle and settle down to agriculture.

Korowai- population estimated between 700- 4,000

The West has only known about the Korowai since the 1970’s. They built their houses about 80ft/ 25m in the forest canopy of the Irian Jaya coast, in Indonesia.

Warlpiri- population 5,000- 6,000

The Australian government forced the Warlpiri to settle in Yuendumu in 1946. Today they use video conferencing to share their traditional art.

Rapanui- population 5,682

The natives of Easter Island most famous for the giant statues called Moai.

Particles Tutorial

He has used parametric equations to make this helix path, for the tutorial.
Here's the expression he used:

for x,y:

for z:

What is parametric equations?

Sample Lens

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Select Memory (RAM) for Laptops

In general, Adding or upgrade RAM for laptops is simple way to increase computer performance, With low cost rather than buying a new high performance Laptop.

Add two Memory’s with same size (2 x 4GB), will be compatible.

What SODIMM required for your Laptop?
Select one of this matching RAM for Laptop and Search online with these keywords, you may find more information.

DDR3 – PC3, 204 pins
PC3-8500 – 1066 MHz
PC3-10600 – 1333 MHz
DDR2 – PC2, 200 pins
PC2-3200 – 400 MHz
PC2-4200 – 533 MHz
 PC2-5300 – 667 MHz
PC2-6400 – 800 MHz
DDR, 200 pins (Out of Order)
PC-1600 – 200 MHz
PC-2100 – 266 MHz
PC-2700 – 333 MHz
PC-3200 – 400 MHz

Most desktop and laptop computers take NON-ECC or Non-parity memory. ECC means error correcting code.

Watch this video to fix your self: 

Information gathered from the following websites:

Sunday, 11 December 2011

2K, 4K, 8K - what?

2K -  2048 x 1920 pixels;
4K - 4096 x 2160 pixels;
8K - 7680 x 4320 pixels.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Sujen Weds Viji

This is a collection of Wedding (Hindu Wedding) Video Clips of Sujen & Vijitha, Their Wedding held on 5th of September 2010, But Final Version has been published on their 1st anniversary day.

This is a Veteran Digital Vision Production, also many people have been involved to collect Different type of video footage from Different location, which related to their Wedding arrangements, sujen has fully involved and helped us to arrange and Edit the Sequence of His Wedding.

Particularly more than three Camera men were contributed; including  sujen’s friends and Viji’s Friends.

This Wedding were arranged @ Addington Palace, Croydon. Great Britain.

Friday, 16 September 2011


I have as stared as Freelance From this month, So I Required Name, Logo and Promo to make obvious & easy Discover for People who Deal with me.

Findout on 

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Mithusha's 1st Birthday

This Has been Edited by Me @ Veteran Studio, used Premiere CS5.5, Video shooted By My Colleague Arooran. Both Worked for Veteran Digital Vision

Monday, 5 September 2011

Registration of V&V

This Registration Held on 2nd September 2011 @ Brent Townhall. London. I had been Work for Veteren Digital Vision. Used PMW 320 Camera and Premiere Pro CS5.5 @ Veteran Studio.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Top 10 card fraud prevention tips for the e-shopping enthusiast

So you've found something that you want to buy online, but need a bit of reassurance before you commit to paying. You'll probably want to make sure that your card data is being used responsibly and that your details aren't going to be compromised... here's what to look out for:
  1. Hypertext Transfer Protocol more commonly known as Http is used for most webpages.  However when you come to entering your card details online, watch out for the change from http to https ensuring the page is using a secure connection.  However be warned, if not properly implemented, https is not fail safe so read on for some more top tips...
  2. Always ensure when you are entering card details, you can see a locked padlock or unbroken key symbol next to the address bar or at the bottom of the page.  Double clicking on the padlock symbol will display further security information for the site.
  3. Have a look for the sites Security policy.  This should detail what information they are going to collect and how they are going to use it.
  4. If you come across 3D Secure and haven’t registered, make sure you do.  3D Secure provides an additional layer of protection by asking you to enter a password that has been registered with your bank.   This way if your card information is obtained illegally, it will help to prevent funds being spent in your name.
  5. Keep hold of any confirmation emails that you receive.  Always check goods against your card statements.  This way you can easily identify charges that you don’t recognise
  6. Make sure the retailer you are shopping with has some level of PCI compliance.  If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, don’t be afraid to contact the retailer and ask
  7. It may sound obvious but make sure there are contact details on the site including a physical address.
  8. Check online for reviews.  With social media more popular than ever, if a customer has received bad service, the chances are they will have put it online.
  9. Try using a credit card rather than debit-It will offer you more consumer protection
  10. If you haven’t received your goods and are unable to contact the company in question, contact your bank for a chargeback.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Me @ Shooting spot 2010 - 2011

September 2010

January 2011

July 2011


August 2011

All These location, i have been Worked for Veteran Digital Vision

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Muslim Reception on july 2011


Wedding Reception of Niyas and Fajeela at Harrow,London. Film Production By Veteran  ( Where im Working now, I did the Video Coverage (used Sony XD CAM pmw-320k) & Edited (Premiere Pro CS5.5). Used Photoshop CS5.5 to Design Images Above.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Dengue Awareness - 17/05/2011

I have joined with My sport club(Eveready S c) at kalmunai for a small support of Dengue Awareness Programme, around Kalmunai area. This Was a very Essential task in Sri lankan area, Because many people Died by Dengue fever in past year. We could make it with the help of Kalmunai MOH office and officers, Specially Dr. Ramesh Encourage us and  involved him self.



Mission End

Photo and Video Will be soon