Thursday, 15 December 2011

Select Memory (RAM) for Laptops

In general, Adding or upgrade RAM for laptops is simple way to increase computer performance, With low cost rather than buying a new high performance Laptop.

Add two Memory’s with same size (2 x 4GB), will be compatible.

What SODIMM required for your Laptop?
Select one of this matching RAM for Laptop and Search online with these keywords, you may find more information.

DDR3 – PC3, 204 pins
PC3-8500 – 1066 MHz
PC3-10600 – 1333 MHz
DDR2 – PC2, 200 pins
PC2-3200 – 400 MHz
PC2-4200 – 533 MHz
 PC2-5300 – 667 MHz
PC2-6400 – 800 MHz
DDR, 200 pins (Out of Order)
PC-1600 – 200 MHz
PC-2100 – 266 MHz
PC-2700 – 333 MHz
PC-3200 – 400 MHz

Most desktop and laptop computers take NON-ECC or Non-parity memory. ECC means error correcting code.

Watch this video to fix your self: 

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