Thursday, 16 February 2012

Approach stabilizing Mounts(cameras)!

Stabilizing mounts are used to film Smooth moving shot in Motion Picture Cameras, these mounts may transform depend on places and situations. In the early days Video camera men and directors have two choices for Moving shots such as Camera dolly and Hold the camera in his hands, but those cannot prevent the image from shaking. Stabilizing Mount have changed the dimension, its stopped jerks, bumps, and shakes in cinematography and videography.

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Most frequent Stabilizing mounts:

MMC / Mini-Motioncam





Shoulder Rig / Shoulder Mount


CineSlider / Dolly







Note: People like me even use mono pad as Stabilizer mount

However choice of stabilizer may change according to purpose, but Steadicam (full hit) cover most of the above stabilizer's features perhaps i have linked the Professionals way of using Steadicam videos below.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Translucent Mirror Technology

Recently I have been looking for a Single Lens Reflex (SLR) Camera to purches for my job. While I was searching  I found this SLT / Translucent Mirror Camera in Sony's Official Web site and I was impressed, Technologies have changing every minute in the fast moving world, but I do regular check in photography and Video related to my profession. So this Technology definitely help for people who involved in Photography:

Translucent Mirror Technology helps in fast moving occasions such as Sports, Wildlife, etc..., This  capture (still Images) fast moving actions with high-speed burst shooting at up to 12 fps.


Basically SLT cameras have a mirror like SLR but it will not lock-up the mirror before every shot, instead  of allowing the majority of the light to pass through the mirror to the sensor.



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